Nadia Reid To Record Debut Album

June 2014

Dear friends,

I am writing to let you all know about a collection of songs I have written. 10 songs that have been brewing and shaping both recently and over the last year. Now the time has come to record these songs and make an album. The project is to take place under the trusted hand of Ben Edwards (The Sitting Room/Lyttelton Records) and is booked to happen mid July.

For a while now I have tossed and turned with the idea of crowd funding, feeling strange and uncomfortable about asking for money to pursue a self-indulgent dream, especially one that I never remember choosing. Learning to trust and lean into the idea that the music I write has the ability to connect with others, even people I have never met, and ables me to make sense of all the weird things that life brings makes it easier and clearer for me to give this a good go. I have come to realize that making music is a cleansing and healthy way for me to exist. When I am creating, performing and taking risks in the business of music I feel my most fulfilled.

This Pledge Me campaign is to enable friends and extended friends to support this New Album project either by ‘pre-ordering’ or pledging a smaller or higher amount. All amounts received will be equally appreciated. The support of others, monetary or other, is crucial to any-one who chooses to undertake the artistic world, without it I could not pursue any of this. I have never recieved any type of funding before and will work my hardest for this.

The album will be released October 2014 followed by a NZ wide Album Release tour. Below is a time-frame and breakdown of costs. I welcome any comments or feedback. Please send to

Funds raised will be distributed to cover cost of:

Engineers fee

Mixing & mastering fee

CD Pressing costs

Session musician fee

Travel Costs

Vinyl pressing costs

Digital sale costs

Promo & tour costs

Video production costs

Time Frame: 4 months

A budget and extensive breakdown of costs can be supplied if any person is interested. Costs in bold will take priority.

My heartfelt thanks-in-advance to any of you who choose to support this. Any amount will help and if you cannot afford but endorse me undertaking this please let me know. Those things mean just as much, if not more.

Link to PledgeMe Campaign:

Here goes!